PvP 4gate

General Overview

This classic all-in still remains strong in Heart of the Swarm for hitting your opponent with a lot of units before they have time to prepare an adequate defense.

Build Order

  • 9 – Pylon
  • 12 – Gateway
  • 14 – Assimilator
  • 17 – @100% Gateway, start Cybernetics Core and Pylon
  • 18 – Zealot
  • 21 – @100% Cybernetics Core, start 1st Stalker and Warpgate Research
    • Chronoboost Warpgate Research non-stop
  • 22 – @100% 1st Stalker, start 2nd Stalker and Pylon
  • 24 – Start 3 more Gateways
    • Halt Probe production (you should have 16 mining minerals)
  • Attack your opponent when Warpgate Research finishes (@5:45ish) from a proxy Pylon with 1 Zealot, 6 Stalkers, and 19 Probes at home.


This build can be performed against any opener from your opponent, so scouting is minimal.  You might find it useful to scout around your own base for a proxy Gateway/Cannon Rush attack with your Probe that starts your Gateway.

Be sure you send a Probe out to start proxy Pylons just outside your opponent’s base BEFORE your Warpgate finishes so that your attack can hit your opponent exactly at 5:45.


This build is an all-in with no clear transition.  You should be able to bust up your opponent’s ramp and kill the army; if not, then be sure to build a few more Probes at home, start a 2nd Assimilator and then start a Robotics Facility/Twilight Council for a tech switch of your choice.  You will most likely be behind in economy and tech if your attack fails.

Pros and Cons

This build is strong because it is so easy to execute and punishes opponents who do not execute solid builds cleanly.  It is a strong all-in even in Heart of the Swarm, over 3 years after it was initially created.

However, this build is an all-in with no tech and very low economy.  If your attack fails, you will most likely be behind and lose the game to a tech-based counter attack.

Favorable Maps

This build is best on small maps where you can hit your opponent’s front very quickly.

  • Overgrowth
  • King Sejong Station
  • Merry Go Round


4gate Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI