PvP PartinG’s Proxy Stalker Rush

General Overview

This cheese proxies your initial Pylon at your opponent’s natural and makes Stalkers 2 at a time from 2 proxied Gateways.  This proxy Stalker Rush is a very effective cheese that focuses on early game micro to destroy your opponent before the midgame.

Build Order

  • 10 – Pylon proxied at opponent’s natural
  • 11 – 1st Gateway
  • 12 – Assimilator
    • Cut Probe production here for the rest of the game
  • 12 – 2nd Gateway
  • 12 – @100% 1st Gateway, start Cybernetics Core and Zealot
  • 14 – @100% Cybernetics Core, start 2 Stalkers
  • 18 – Pylon on high ground of your opponent’s main
  • Attack your opponent when your first 2 Stalkers finish (@4:00ish) with 1 Zealot, 2 Stalkers, and a Probe.  You should have 11 Probes mining at home.
    • Constantly reinforce with Stalkers as you can afford them.


This build skips all scouting, for you are placing your first Pylon proxied at your opponent’s natural expansion regardless of what your opponent is doing.  All of your scouting will come from your initial attack with your first Gateway units.  The build itself will not change regardless of what you scout – only your unit positioning and micro.


This proxy Stalker Rush is an all-in in every respect: proxying the initial Pylon at your opponent’s natural, cutting Probe production at 12, non-stop chronoboosting your Gateways, and skipping Warpgate Research.  Thus, there is no well-defined transition.  If you are late in your execution and do not outright kill your opponent (or at least take out their army and 10+ Probes), then you will most likely lose the game to any sort of Gateway attack follow-up.


    • The limiting factor on this build is how fast you can pump out units from your Gateways.  Be sure to non-stop chronoboost your Gateways as they are producing the Zealot and later Stalkers so as to attack as early as possible.
  • Poke in with your first Zealot and Probe and force your opponent to lose mining time.  However, be wary of a Probe surround.  Favor keeping the Zealot alive over killing enemy Probes.
  • Once your first 2 Stalkers finish, you must commit to the attack as quickly as possible and never stop Stalker production until either you have won the game or you have lost all of your units.
    • The strength of this all-in is how quickly and ferociously it attacks, but if you are not constantly attacking then your opponent’s economic advantage can destroy you.
  • If your opponent pulls a lot of Probes to defend, be sure to back off and fight near the main ramp.  Use your 18 Pylon to buffer damage and provide high ground vision for your Stalkers to shoot up the cliff.

Pros and Cons

This proxy Stalker Rush is a hyper-aggressive all-in that is able to get 2 Stalkers and 1 Zealot at your opponent’s base at 4:00.  Because of how quickly this build attacks, it can punish most greedy PvP builds or players with poor micro with ease.

Unfortunately, this all-in can be scouted because your initial buildings must all be built in your opponent’s natural.  However, it being easy to scout and easy to defend are two fundamentally different things, so you can still win with this build quite often.

Favorable Maps

This build is only viable on 2-person spawn maps so that you can place your first Pylon in the appropriate location without having to scout where your opponent is spawned.

  • King Sejong Station
  • Overgrowth


PartinG beating Zest with this build in Proleague 2013

PartinG’s Proxy Stalker Rush Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI