PvT Alicia’s 12/12 Colossus All-In

General Overview

This build utilizes an unconventional Gateway and gas timing to produce a fast Mothership Core for scouting before smoothly transitioning into a 2 Colossus All-in.

Build Order:

  • 9 – Pylon
  • 12 – Gateway
  • 12 – Assimilator
  • 15 – Pylon
  • 16 – Cybernetics Core
  • 19 – Pylon
  • @100% Cybernetics Core, start Mothership Core and Stalker
    • Chronoboost both
  • 25  – Start Warpgate Research, a second Assimilator, and your natural Nexus
  • 27 – Stalker
  • 31 (@5:20ish) Robotics Facility
  • 41 (@6:20ish) Start an Observer, a Robotics Bay, and your natural Assimilators
  • @100% Warpgate Research, warp in one Sentry.
  • @100% Robotics Bay, start Colossus production and Thermal Lance
    • Start 2 more Gateways as soon as possible without cutting probes
  • @100% 1st Colossus, start 4 more Gateways
  • Attack your opponent when your 2nd Colossus finishes (@9:30ish) with 2 Colossi, 3 Stalkers, 3 Sentries, and a Mothership Core with about 45 Probes at home.


Do not Probe scout with this build. Because you are using a 12/12 opening, you will have an extremely early Mothership Core for immediate scouting. Your Mothership Core should be directly rallied to the enemy base upon completion.

The early Mothership Core allows you to see exactly what a Terran is aiming for. If they are aiming for Factory aggression with a Starport simply chronoboost out 2 Observers, placing one in each base. Position your 3 Stalkers in the main to catch a drop. Bring your Mothership Core home and use it to defend the natural with Photon Overcharge.  This defensive setup should allow you to defend any multi-pronged aggression from the Terran.

If it is merely a 2 base, 3 Barracks opener, then proceed as normal.


As this is an all-in, the transitions for this build are heavily dependent on the damage you deal. If you kill a significant amount of workers but find yourself unable to finish your opponent off, transition into normal Blink/Colossus play.  If you do not kill many workers and lose your army, then you most likely will lose to a follow-up counterattack.  If you trade armies but do eventually lose your own, you are free to instantly transition into anything you want–Blink/Colossus, Chargelot/Archon, or Storm play are all equally viable.  Remember to start 2 Forges and chronoboost your upgrades to catch up in the upgrade war.


Produce a third Colossus and leave it at home along with your Mothership Core. This allows you to effectively defend counter aggression with 2 Photon Overcharges. You have enough punch in your frontal push with Forcefield and Guardian Shield not to require Time Warp.

Only chronoboost your 10th and 13th Probe before the completion of your Cybernetics Core. You need to bank energy to allow you to simultaneously chronoboost your Mothership Core and first Stalker. Otherwise your scouting information is delayed and a Reaper can play havoc with your main.

Once you have completed your Mothership Core and initial Stalker, return to chronoboosting Probes until the completion of your Robotics Bay. At this point exclusively chronoboost Colossi. If you find you have spare Nexus energy chronoboost Thermal Lance but prioritize accelerating your Colossus count – your push begins once both Colossi have been completed.

Pros and Cons

This all-in is one of the most difficult to scout builds currently available to Protoss. To most Terran players it will look like standard macro play and may even prompt incorrect reactions such as earlier Medivac aggression or a fast 3rd Command Center.  Also, because of the fast Mothership Core scout, you will almost always be able to identify Terran’s early game build structure (3rax, 1/1/1, etc).

However, because your Mothership Core stays at home for defense and you have no upgrades to fall back on, your attack is fully all-in–there is no way to retreat your Colossus safely if your attack fails and you are certain to fall behind in upgrades as the game stretches on.

Favorable Maps

This build is stronger on maps without natural ramps so you do not have to worry about having high ground vision during the attack.  Also, smaller maps are better because your attack will hit your opponent in less time.

  • Merry Go Round
  • Deadwing
  • Overgrowth

Replays and VoDs

VOD of Alicia defeating Neeb in the Ro16 of WCS America 2014 Season 1

Alicia’s 12/12 Colossus All-In Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI


Written by Xael