PvT Harstem’s Blink/Colossus Build

General Overview

This build opens with a 1gate FE, and transitions directly into both Blink and Colossi.  With these two tools you can safely secure your main and natural from both frontal pushes and backdoor drops.

Build Order

  • 9 – Pylon
  • 13 – Gateway
  • 14 – Assimilator
  • 16 – Pylon
  • 18 – @100% Gateway, start Cybernetics Core
  • 19 – Zealot (*)
  • 23 – @100% Cybernetics Core (@95% Zealot), cancel Zealot (*) and start Nexus
  • 21 – Mothership Core
  • 23 – Warpgate Research, Pylon, and 2nd Assimilator
  • ————Above is 1gate FE
  • @50 Gas, start 1st Stalker
  • @100 Gas, start Robotics Facility
  • @100% 1st Stalker, start 2nd Stalker
  • @100% 2nd Stalker, start 3rd Stalker
  • @100% Robotics Facility, start 2 Observers and 2 more Assimilators
  • @200 Gas, start Robotics Bay
  • @150 Gas, start Twilight Council, Forge, and a Sentry
  • @100% Robotics Bay, start Colossus production
  • @100% Twilight Council, start Blink and +1 Ground Armor
  • @200 Gas, start Extended Thermal Lance
  • Benchmark: When your first Colossus finishes (@9:00ish), you should have 1 Colossus, 3 Stalkers, a Sentry, a Mothership Core, 2 Observers, and around 50 Probes

(*) This Zealot is started to attack an early Engineering Bay block at your natural expansion.  If you do not see an SCV at your natural, then cancel the Zealot.  If you do see this Engineering Bay block, then finish the Zealot and start your Mothership Core/Warpgate while killing the building.

Note: If you are below Diamond league, I would suggest NOT making and then canceling this Zealot.  It is much better to be on time with your Nexus than to accidentally make an unnecessary Zealot that slows down your entire build.


This build is a safe build that gets detection and a lot of early game Stalkers, so Probe scouting is unnecessary.  Use your initial Stalkers to ward off any of your opponent’s Reaper(s) or scout the front of your opponent’s base if they are opening with a Command Center First.

Most of your scouting will come from your 2 Observers. Send the first directly to your opponent’s main in order to spot what infrastructure is being built. Send the second to a common attack or drop path so that you have vision of when your opponent is moving out.

Against early Widow Mine drops, position your units defensively and consider delaying Colossus production in favor of more Observers.


With Blink, Colossus, and Observers, you should be able to safely secure your main and natural expansions.  Against bio play, consider getting 4 or 5 more Gateways while continuing your upgrades and taking your 3rd base as soon as you are safe to.

Alternatively, you are also able to go for a 2 Base, +2 Blink Stalker/Colossus all-in with this build.  Simply get your Ground Weapons upgrades instead of Ground Armor, and throw down 7 more Gateways after you start your Colossus production in order to break your opponent with simply Stalkers and Colossi.


  • Chronoboost your Nexii constantly in order to get an economic advantage.
  • Use your initial Stalker(s) to ward off any opposing Reapers and/or take a Xel’Naga Watchtower to see a push coming.
  • Position your Robotics Facility, Forge, and Twilight Council in a central location to prevent them from being killed during a drop.
  • Your Observers are the main way you can position your army to adequately defend multi-pronged aggression – replace them if they are scanned and lost.

Pros and Cons

This build opens with both Blink Stalkers and Colossi, rushing for all the tools you need to defend Terran aggression.  With strong upgrades and a mobile unit composition, this build allows you to enter the midgame ridiculously quickly.

However, with such investment in upgrades and tech, you have very little opportunity for aggression or much map control.

Favorable Maps

This build is strongest on larger maps so that you can use your quick midgame tech to safely secure a fast third.

  • King Sejong Station
  • Foxtrot Labs
  • Overgrowth
  • Merry Go Round
  • Catallena


Harstem beating jjakji with this build twice in the WCS EU 2014 Season 2

Harstem beating Bunny with this build twice in the WCS EU 2014 Season 2

Harstem’s Blink/Colossus Build Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI