PvT PartinG’s +2/+2 Chargelot/Archon Timing

General Overview

This build opens with a 1gate FE and then transitions into a strong timing attack with +2/+2 Chargelots and Archons.

Build Order

  • 9 – Pylon
  • 13 – Gateway
  • 14 – Assimilator
  • 16 – Pylon
  • 18 – @100% Gateway, start Cybernetics Core
  • 21 – @100% Cybernetics Core, start Nexus
  • 21 – Mothership Core
  • 23 – Warpgate Research
  • 23 – Pylon
  • 24 – @50 Gas, start Stalker and 2nd Assimilator
  • @100% Stalker, start 1st Sentry
  • @100% 1st Sentry, start 2nd Sentry
  • @300 Mins, start 2 Forges
  • @300 Mins, start 2 Gateways
  • @100% Forges, start +1 Ground Attack and +1 Ground Armor
  • @200 Gas, warp-in 3rd Sentry, start Twilight Council and make 2 more Assimilators
    • If you are worried about Widow Mines or fast drop play, build 1 Photon Cannon per mineral line
  • @100% Twilight Council, start Charge
  • Benchmark: When you start Charge (@8:10ish), you should have 1 Mothership Core, 1 Stalker, 3 Sentries, and 45 Probes
  • @300 Mins, start 2 more Gateways, and warp-in 3 Zealots
  • @100% +1/+1, start Templar Archives and +2/+2
  • @100% Templar Archives, start 3 more Gateways and warp-in up to 6 High Templar
  • Keep producing Zealots and Archons until you have a sizable army.
  • Push out when your 3rd Archon finishes (@11:00ish) with 3 Sentries, 3 Archons, 1 Stalker, and around 12 Zealots, with +2/+2 about to finish.
    • Stop Probe production (you should have 60 Probes).
    • Constantly warp-in Chargelots (and 2 High Templar at a time when you can afford them for Archons) as you attack your opponent’s base.


In the early game, Probe scout after your Gateway in order to spot whether your opponent is opening with a Reaper or Widow Mine drop.  Against Reaper play you have to position your initial few units very defensively in order to avoid losing any Probes.  Against a Widow Mine drop, be sure to build those Photon Cannons in your mineral lines as soon as your Forges finish.  After the early game, scouting is much more minimal than you might expect.  As long as you can confirm your opponent is not 1 base all-inning you (Hallucinations can give you a lot of information), you can perform this build.


This build is a strong two base timing attack, so be sure to commit all your energy into non-stop warping in from a proxy Pylon in order to bust through your opponent’s front.  In most situations, you will simply be able to walk through your opponent’s front and win the game.

However, if your opponent has a strong defense at his natural (Supply Depots and multiple Bunkers), you do already have plenty of Probes back at home, so you can simply start a 3rd Nexus, resume Probe Production, continue upgrades by getting +3/+3, and transition into Storm play.  If you are going for this macro play, then be sure to get out several Colossus before you max out for a stronger 200 supply army.


  • You are only able to afford so many units because of how many Probes you have.  Be sure to Chronoboost your Nexii as often as possible in the early game to get up a strong 2 base economy.
  • The limiting factor in this build is the Forge upgrades.  After the early game, Chronoboost your Forges as often as you can so that your 11 minute attack hits with +2/+2.
  • Hallucinate Phoenix to get scouting information on your opponent’s opening build order.
  • Against Reaper play, position your initial units defensively.
  • Against Widow Mine play, be sure to get out those Photon Cannons in each mineral line on time.
    • Using your Photon Overcharge and target firing an early Medivac can be a game changer in defending early pressure.
  • Set up multiple proxy Pylons before you are ready to move out so that even if your opponent kills one or two of them, you will be able to reinforce your attack.
  • During the attack, be sure that your army does not waste time attacking buildings.  Focus fire and reposition your army so that everything is always fighting your opponent’s army.
  • If your opponent has a solid wall at his natural, then do not commit to a doomed attack.  Simply playing the macro game with your upgrade advantage is a much stronger option.

Pros and Cons

This is a strong attack that destroys Bio players who do not have good building placement or who are playing too greedy.  Also, your strong attack has +2/+2 and 60 Probes – so even if it fails, you have a strong economy and upgrade lead going into the late game.

This build is not great against early Widow Mine drops because your only detection is the Photon Cannons in your mineral lines.  However if you defend a Widow Mine drop without losing too much, your follow-up attack will destroy your opponent unless they are very well prepared.

Favorable Maps

This build is strongest on smaller maps so that your attack can get to your opponent’s base quickly.  Also, it is stronger on maps with a large choke at your natural wall-off so that there is more surface area for your Chargelots and Archons to do damage against your opponent’s army.

  • Deadwing
  • Overgrowth
  • Merry Go Round


PartinG beating Flash with this build in the GSL Group of Death

PartinG’s +2/+2 Chargelot/Archon Timing Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI