PvZ PartinG’s 3 Base 7 Gate

General Overview

This build opens with a Nexus First and only enough units to secure a ridiculously fast 3rd base.  With a 3 base economy, it then hits a 9 minute 7 gate attack comprised of mainly Stalkers and Sentries.

Build Order

  • 9 – Pylon
  • 17 – Nexus
    • Pause Probe production
  • 17 – Gateway
  • 17 – Pylon
    • Resume Probe production
  • 18 – 2 Assimilators
  • 21 – @100% Gateway, start Cybernetics Core and Zealot
  • @100% Cybernetics Core, start Warpgate Research, Mothership Core, and 1st Sentry
  • @100% 1st Sentry, start Forge and 2nd Sentry
  • @100% 2nd Sentry, start 2 more Gateways, +1 Ground Weapons, and 3rd Sentry
  • @400 Mins, start 3rd Nexus and 2 more Assimilators
    • Your third should have a Cannon sandwiched between two Pylons, two Gateways, and your Nexus
  • @100% Warpgate, warp in 3 more Sentries
  • @600 Mins, start 4 more Gateways
    • Warp in 2 more Sentries and a Stalker
  • Attack your opponent when +1 finishes (@8:45ish) with 1 Zealot, 8 Sentries, 1 Stalker, and a Mothership Core. You should have 50 Probes at home.
  • Reinforce your army with constant Stalker warp-ins.


This build opens incredibly greedily, so be sure that your opponent is expanding and droning with an initial Probe scout.  Besides any initial Probe(s), however, this build does not give you any tools with which to scout your opponent.  The majority of your scouting will come with the actual attack at 9 minutes.


This build can either all-in or transition comfortably into a macro game.

If you are choosing to all-in with this build, be sure to constantly warp-in and chronoboost your Gateways, set up several proxy Pylons around your opponent’s third base, and stop all Probe production.

If you are choosing to play the macro game, then only use the attack to hopefully deal a bit of damage while you continue producing Probes and teching at home.  Getting a Twilight Council, all of your gasses, and going for a +2 Blink Stalker army is a good choice.  Alternatively, you can start a Robotics Facility, all of your gasses, and go straight for Colossi.


  • Spend all of your early game chronoboost on your two Nexus to maximize Probe production.
  • Keep your Mothership Core out in front of your natural to help ward off any scouting Zerglings.
  • Until you are ready to attack, position your Sentries and Zealot very defensively.  Staying against buildings or walls will increase the effectiveness of defensive force fields dramatically.
  • Use 2 of your Gateways to wall-in a Photon Cannon while your third base is being set up.  A Cannon that cannot be targeted by Zerglings is incredibly effective at stopping runbys.
  • Be sure to start moving out before +1 actually finishes in order to hit your opponent as early as possible.
  • Constantly warp-in Stalkers with the attack, using your initial 8 Sentries to keep back enemy Roach/Ling armies.
  • Don’t forget to mass recall your army back home if you end up getting surrounded.

Pros and Cons

This build is an incredibly greedy build that initially powers economy hard and then transitions into a powerful 7 Gate attack.  You have both a strong army and a strong economy.

However, this build does not get much tech before the attack.  Therefore, transitioning out of your attack into a more standard unit composition takes more time than more standard PvZ builds.

Favorable Maps

This build is strongest on big maps and 4 person maps so that your opponent is less likely to attack you with anything early on.

  • Deadwing
  • Foxtrot Labs
  • Nimbus
  • Merry Go Round


PartinG beating ByuL with this build in the GSL Code S

PartinG barely losing to TRUE in the GSL Season 1 Code S

Top Diamond Example Replay of this build in action

PartinG’s 3 Base 7 Gate Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI


For more information, check out Gemini’s write-up of this build