PvZ Twilight All-in

General Overview

This build opens with a Forge Fast Expand and then utilizes everything the Twilight Council has to offer in order to all-in your opponent.  This two base all-in gets +2 attack, DTs, and mass Blink Stalkers to crush your opponent before the late game.

Build Order

  • 9 – Pylon, scout
  • 17 – Nexus
    • Pause Probe production
  • 17 – Forge
  • 17 – Pylon
    • Resume Probe production
  • 18 – Gateway
  • 19 – Photon Cannon
  • 21 – 2 Assimilators
  • 25 – @100% Gateway, start Cybernetics Core
  • ———-Above is Nexus First FFE Opener
  • @100 Gas, start +1 Attack from Forge, and Zealot
  • @100% Cybernetics Core, start Warp Gate research, Mothership Core, and Stalker
  • @100% Mothership Core, move out to apply pressure with Zealot, Stalker, and Mothership Core.  Also, start Twilight Council, and 2 more Assimilators
  • Benchmark: When you move out (@6:30ish), you should have around 37 probes, a Zealot, a Stalker, and a Mothership Core
  • @100% Twilight Council, start Blink research, Dark Shrine, and +2 Attack from Forge
  • @450 Mins, add on 3 Gateways (halt Probe production)
  • @600 Mins, add on 4 Gateways
  • @100% Dark Shrine, warp in 3 DTs and send one to each Hatchery.
  • Attack your opponent when your Gateways finish (@10:00ish), with a constant warp-in of 8 Stalkers until you defeat your opponent.


For early game scouting (pre-5 minutes), please refer to the Scouting section of IMBAbuilds’ PvZ FFE guide.  After any early game shenanigans are ruled out, as you have spotted your opponent’s third Hatchery going down, then there is no need for any scouting besides what you see with your two pokes.

When you move out with your first 3 units (Zealot, Stalker, and Mothership Core), go to Zerg’s third base and see if you can pick off a queen and force some units.  If your opponent reveals that he has Roaches already, then instantly pull back and stay behind your wall until your next poke with the DTs.  Expect a Roach defense vs your Blink Stalkers.  If your opponent only shows slow Zerglings, then know that your opponent delayed gas and most likely has a larger economy than normal.  Expect a lot more units vs your Blink Stalkers.  If your opponent shows Speedlings, then pull back and stay behind your wall until your next poke with the DTs.  Expect a Roach/Ling or Hydra/Ling defense vs your Blink Stalkers.

When you send your DTs to each base of your opponent, be on the look out for what units he has to defend, or what tech structures he has built.  Your push is just about to happen, so it is too late to react in any way, but it is nice to know what units you will be up against before you are actually fighting them head on.


This build is an all-in, so there is no true transition out of it.  Simply keep reinforcing with your +2 Blink Stalkers (chronoboost your Gateways when you can) until your opponent is forced to leave or your army gets crushed.

If you do not win, but see that your opponent has way too much Roach or Hydra or Roach/Hydra for you to defeat, consider falling back onto a 3rd Nexus, and starting double Robotics Colossi production as a desperation move.


  • Spend all of your early game chronoboost on your Nexii to maximize Probe production.
  • Because you are getting your +1 Attack so early, there is no need to chronoboost it very often.  Prioritize Probes instead.
  • Do not over commit with your first three units.  The Zealot can be killed, but if at all possible, retreat with your Stalker and Mothership Core still alive.
  • Hide the Twilight Council (and later Dark Shrine) somewhere in your base that is less likely to be scouted by an Overlord.
  • Keep a Probe hidden somewhere on the map before you are ready to move out.  Being able to place a nice proxy Pylon for the DTs and then later Stalker warp-ins can be the difference between an easy win and a tough loss.
  • Obviously, during the fight itself, utilize Blink to save the weakest Stalkers and keep your army alive.

Pros and Cons

This build is a solid all-in that utilizes everything the Twilight Council has to offer.  It is a 1-2-3 punch sort of build, first hitting with your initial 3 units, then the DTs, and then the Blink Stalkers, so it keeps Zergs on their toes.

However, because this build is so reliant on the Twilight Council, your opponent flying in an overlord and spotting this will tip them off to everything that you are building; it is very easy to scout (Note: just because it is easy to scout does NOT mean it is easy to defend).  Also, it is an all-in, so assuming you do not succeed in crushing your opponent with the Blink Stalkers, there is very little chance you have of coming back into the game.  Finally, because this build packs a 1-2-3 punch, it is a more mechanically difficult build than other choices and is not suggested for newer players.

Favorable Maps

This build is strongest on smaller maps with lots of crevices for proxy Pylons to go.  Also, it is better on maps with a hard-to-defend third base.

  • Foxtrot Labs
  • Overgrowth
  • Catallena
  • Merry Go Round


Grandmaster AM Example Replay of this build in action

Mid Masters Example Replay of this build in action

Twilight All-in Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI