HotS Terran vs Protoss

Professional Build Orders

TvP Basic Openers (Transition into anything!):

TvP Macro Builds:

TvP Aggressive Builds:

TvP All-in Builds:

Bronze-Silver Friendly Build Orders

HotS Terran vs Protoss

Notable Protoss Timings

The Terran vs Protoss match up in Wings of Liberty was known to have the most consistent metagame out of any other match up.  Hell, the 1rax FE build created in early 2011 was still the go-to build even at the end of WoL in March 2013!  However, now that Widow Mines, Oracles, and the Mothership Core have entered the field in Heart of the Swarm, we’re seeing that the match up is now much more dynamic to watch and play!

These Terran build orders above have all been taken from your favorite professional gamers competing on the world stage.  Be sure to check out the best build orders out there, all written exclusively for IMBAbuilds!  If you practice these builds and improve your mechanics, you’re sure to get the ladder wins you deserve!