TvP INnoVation’s 2 Base SCV Pull

General Overview

Designed specifically to kill most Protoss players during the mid game Templar transition, INnoVation’s SCV pull hits at around 14 minutes with MMM, Vikings, SCVs, and 2/1/1 upgrades.

Build Order

  • 10 – Supply Depot
  • 12 – Barracks
  • 12 – 1st Refinery
  • 15 – Orbital Command
  • 15 – Reaper
    • Pull two SCVs out of gas when you have 30 gas mined. Leave one mining for now.
  • @400 Mins, start 2nd Command Center
  • Reactor on Barracks after starting CC
  • 18 – Supply Depot
  • 4:10 Engineering Bay + Re saturate Gas
  • Begin continuous marine production
  • 2nd Barracks after Engineering bay
  • Start +1 Attack as soon as Engineering Bay finishes
  • Techlab and Stim on 2nd Barracks + One Marauder
  • Factory at ~6:40 + 2nd Gas
  • Start your +1 Armor as soon as +1 Attack finishes
  • @ 100% Factory (~7:10), start Starport, third Barracks, and third Refinery.
  • @ 100% Stim, start Combat Shields, then Concussive Shells
  • 4th gas at 8:00
  • When you reach two base saturation, cut workers until Barracks 4 and 5 are started.
  • Start your 4th and 5th barracks when you get 300 minerals
  • Armory halfway through +1 Armor.
  • Make 4 Medivacs, then idle the Starport until +2/+1 is started.
  • ~ 9:45 Benchmark: You should have 2 Medivacs, ~25 Marines, ~ 3 Marauders, and ~50 SCVs. Push out, clear the watchtowers, snipe Observers, and note Protoss third base timing.
  • Begin cutting workers to afford constant production at this point. Continue building workers, but only as you can afford them.
  • ~ 10:00 – 2nd Starport
  • Start +1 Attack for Vehicles and +2 Attack for Infantry.
  • @ 100% 2nd Starport, begin continuous Viking Production (3 at a time).
  • Again, to emphasize, cut SCVs if necessary to ensure constant Marine, Marauder, Viking production
  • @75% +2 Infantry Attack, take the watchtowers begin clearing the attack path to your opponent of pylons and observers, scanning regularly as you advance with a group of bio. Take very great care not to lose any units. Your attack is almost guaranteed to succeed if you can reach his army without being spotted at all.
  • @85% +2 Infantry Attack, pull 20-40 SCVs and attack while rallying aggressively. Target fire Colossus with Vikings, keep SCVs in the front, and constantly rally in reinforcements.


The first ten minutes of the game is a standard TvP Reaper FE, so scouting and reactions proceed as normal.

First, SCV scout, 15 supply at the latest, to see if you are being 10 gate Zealot rushed. Then follow up with your Reaper scout, checking pylon count, assimilator count, gas mined, and MSC/Stalker/Nexus timing.

Your early Engineering Bay allows for equally early Missile Turrets, so you should be able to build a turret in your main base and position marines in your natural mineral line in the event of an Oracle attack.

Against a delayed Protoss expansion (4:10+, no Nexus), always build a bunker.

Against a fast expanding Protoss, poke with your first Marauder and 8-10 Marines to force overcharge and to gauge his army size.

This initial poke will reveal the following possibilities:

  • Little to no Gateway units: Possible double forge (proceed as normal) or Dark Templars (build turrets and bank one scan minimum).
  • No obvious Observers: Confirm Twilight tech. If your opponent is going for Templar instead of Colossus, immediately abandon the build and do a biomine parade style using a reactored Factory and five barracks before your third Command Center. SCV pulls are a poor choice against Pisonic Storm.
  • More Stalkers then usual: Possible Blink Stalker aggression. React accordingly with bunkers and mines. Consider hiding your small poke squad at his third or fourth, and counter attacking when he moves all his stalkers and his MSC to your side of the map.
  • Phoenixes: Phoenix Colossus is by far the most likely choice, but constantly scout to see if the Colossus count is rising. If it remains at one or two for very long, be cognizant of the possibility of a feint into Templars.
  • Healthy Gateway unit count: Proceed as normal.

These above are only a few examples, but the most common. Against most styles that involve Colossus (single forge, double forge, blink colossus, phoenix colossus, etc) you will be able to simply play as normal and execute the all in without any problems.

For lower level players, please be advised all scouting reactions as written above are general assumptions made against players attempting optimal strategies. You will be blindsided by sub optimal and often illogical strategies quite often, but you should be able to compensate with superior macro and mechanics.


As with any all-in, there is no transition unless you have done a significant amount of damage.

If your attack fails, there is no transition; you will die almost immediately to any counter attack, or you will be contained to two bases and slowly starve to death.

If your attack succeeds in mostly destroying Protoss’s army, but you cannot finish off your opponent, retreat and rally defensively. Continue your upgrades, maintain consistent worker production, and add a third command center and a Ghost Academy, if necessary.


The main objective of this push is to successfully engage and destroy his army decisively. Your SCVS are there to absorb just enough Colossus volleys to allow your Vikings to destroy all the AOE and your MMM to shoot through the Gateway buffer.

Again, to emphasize, your objective is to destroy his army decisively, not to destroy his third, or his natural, or snipe any tech. You are to take one crushing victory with your army before beginning to do any eco or tech damage.

During the actual engagement, be sure to have your SCVs in front of your main army. Attack in as wide of a concave as you can form, and make sure that your Vikings are shift A-clicked across his Colossus.

Do not attempt any drops or secondary attacks. Your attack needs to be as strong as possible along a single front for the highest chance of success.

Pros and Cons

The first ten minutes of this build, as mentioned above, are identical to a standard Reaper FE, making this a particularly tricky all in to scout. Additionally, this build has the benefit of blind countering some two base Colossus all-ins because it gets Vikings so quickly, and in such high numbers.

That being said, just as with any all-in, if scouted and identified, this build loses a lot of its potency. A faster than normal Templar transition and increased Sentries for force fields are both popular and effective responses against scouted SCV pulls.

Favorable Maps

Favorable maps for this build are any map that allow you to take the widest possible concave when attacking a Protoss army. Examples would be Catallena, Overgrowth, Deadwing, and Merry Go Round.

Unfavorable maps would be ones featuring very prominent chokepoints in critical locations, where forcefields can heavily influence the battle. Examples would be Nimbus, Foxtrot Labs, and King Sejong Station.


VoD of INnoVation executing the build vs Hurricane, who went Phoenix Colossus on Nimbus. Despite taking damage from Phoenixes, INnovation wins decisively with the attack.

VoD of INnoVation executing the build vs Ruin, who went for an unorthodox Gateway-centric composition. INnoVation crushes through convincingly.

INnoVation’s 2 Base SCV Pull Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI

Build transcribed by UpriseZeus

Written by Shalashaka