TvP Journey’s 1/1/1 All-in

General Overview

This Reaper opening transitions into a strong 1 base 1/1/1 all-in using a Raven’s PDD and several Siege Tanks to deal maximum damage early on to an unsuspecting Protoss opponent.

Build Order

  • 10 – Supply Depot
  • 12 – Barracks
  • 12 – Refinery
  • 15 – Orbital Command
  • 15 – Reaper, 2nd Refinery, and Supply Depot
  • 17 – @100% Reaper, start Reactor on Barracks
    • Constant Marine production
  • @100 Gas, start Factory
  • @100% Factory, start Starport and 1 Widow Mine
  • @100% Widow Mine, start 2 Tech labs on Factory
  • @100% Starport, start Medivac
  • Drop your opponent when your Medivac finishes (@6:25ish) with 6 Marines, 1 Widow Mine, and 25 SCVs at home.
    • Halt SCV Production
  • @100% Medivac, swap Starport onto 1st Tech lab
    • Start 1 Raven
    • Constant Siege Tank production
  • @300 Mins, start 2 more Barracks
  • @100% 2nd Barracks, swap onto Starport’s Tech lab and start Combat Shields
    • Constant Marine production
  • Attack your opponent’s natural when your 3rd Siege Tank finish (@9:00ish) with around 20 Marines, 1 Medivac, 1 Raven, 3 Siege Tanks, and 8ish pulled SCVs.


There is minimal scouting with this build because you are planning to follow-up your initial Reaper opening with an all-in before any relevant scouting information can be ascertained.

Use your initial Widow Mine drop to spot for a Stargate-focused or Robotics Facility midgame.


This build is a 1 base 1/1/1 all-in, so there is no transition.  By pulling SCVs and staying on 1 base until the 10 minute mark, you have to deal crushing damage to your opponent with your push or lose soon thereafter.


  • Use your initial units to try and zone out any early game pokes from spotting you staying on 1 base.
  • Do NOT over-commit your Widow Mine drop. You need the Medivac and every Marine you have in your eventual 1 base all-in.
  • Pull 8ish SCVs with the attack for extra damage and for their useful repairs.
  • Be sure to move out with your army BEFORE Combat Shields finish.  You want to be attacking your opponent’s natural expansion as soon as Combat Shields finishes.
  • Use your Raven’s Point Defense Drone to stop incoming damage from Photon Overcharge.
  • Keep your Siege Tanks positioned in front of your Marines if you are fighting Colossus; keep your Marines positioned in front of your Siege Tanks if you are fighting anything else.

Pros and Cons

This build is a strong 1 base all-in that uses both a Raven’s PDD and Siege Tank splash damage to crush through an unsuspecting Protoss opponent.

However this attack is somewhat fragile, and losing a portion of your army due to poor micro or a lost Medivac could mean the difference between a quick win and a sudden loss.  Also note that by pulling SCVs you are committing to winning or losing the game with this 1 attack.

Favorable Maps

This build is strongest on maps with a small rush distance. Also, maps with an open natural expansion can give you enough space for a large concave during the engage.

  • Overgrowth
  • Foxtrot Labs
  • Catallena
  • Merry Go Round


Journey beating a barcode account with this build

Journey’s 1/1/1 All-in Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI


Thanks to Crown for the initial inspiration for this build