TvT 2rax Reaper FE

General Overview

This build opens with 2 Barracks to produce a lot of Reapers very quickly.  It is a great way to get complete map control with 4 Reapers, apply heavy pressure to an expanding opponent, and transition into standard Bio play.  This 2rax Reaper build also can instantly win against some Gas First or CC First builds.

Build Order

  • 10 – Supply Depot
  • 12 – Barracks
  • 12 – Refinery
  • 15 – Orbital Command
  • 15 – 1st Reaper
  • 16 – 2nd Barracks
  • 16 – Supply Depot
  • 17 – 2nd Reaper
  • 20 – 3rd Reaper
  • 23 – 4th Reaper
  • 24 –  Command Center
  • 25 – @150 minerals, start 3rd Barracks
  • @100% 4th Reaper, start Tech Lab and Reactor on both Barracks
  • @100% Tech lab, start Combat Shields
  • @100% 3rd Barracks, start Reactor on 3rd Barracks and 2nd Refinery
  • @100 Gas, start Factory and Engineering Bay
  • @50% Factory, start 3rd Refinery
  • @100% Combat Shields, start Stimpack Research
  • @100% Engineering Bay, start +1 Infantry Weapons
  • @100% Factory, start Starport and Reactor on Factory
  • @400 Minerals, start 3rd Command Center
  • @100% Starport, swap onto Factory’s Reactor and start double Medivac production
  • Push out when you finish Stimpack and +1 Infantry Weapons (@10:30ish), with 2 Medivacs, around 34 Marines, and around 50 SCVs at home.


This build is a reasonably safe build against most things Terran can open with as long as you are smart with your initial four Reapers.  Thus, SCV scouting early on is not required or even suggested.  Use your Reapers to take map control and pick off Marines/scout the front.  However, there may come a time when your opponent has a Bunker up and you can no longer poke the front.  Then, while prioritizing keeping your Reapers alive over all else, jump into his base and pick off SCVs/continue to scout.

If you scout your opponent opening Banshee, then cease Reaper production–instead, favor making Marines and getting an earlier Engineering Bay.  If you scout a Widow Mine Drop, then be wary of your opponent’s Medivac, and hole up in your main base until you have enough units to stabilize.  If you scout a Marine/Tank/Banshee all-in, then keep your 2nd Command Center in your main base and play defensive.  If you scout a 1rax FE, then scout for the Bio or Mech follow-up, and apply pressure whenever possible.

Note: If you scout your opponent going Mech, then add a 2nd Tech lab instead of Reactor on your initial Barracks and build some marauders too.  You can still follow the same basic build order, but you will have a little less gas than normal, so you might need to get early gas geysers than what is written up above.


This build commits too much into Infantry upgrades for you to transition into Mech.  However, it transitions quite smoothly into Marine/Tank or pure Bio (vs Mech).

For a Marine/Tank transition, start a Tech lab on your Factory for Siege Tank production, take your third base, start your 4th-6th gas geysers, and start another Engineering Bay+Armory for more upgrades.  With your midgame push, confirm what unit composition your opponent is going, and play aggressively/passively accordingly.

For a pure Bio transition (if your opponent is playing Mech), start another Engineering Bay and Armory to continue your upgrades as you take your 3rd Command Center and keep your opponent pinned back.  Threaten boosted Medivac drops whenever possible, but do not over commit your army if your opponent has an adequate defense.

Pros and Cons

This build is a safe build that also opens aggressively.  With this build, you can pick off Marines and SCV, while simultaneously getting a full scout of your opponent’s base and stressing their multitasking.  This build also has a heavy Marine follow up, and can deal with Banshees or 1/1/1 all-ins rather well due to the Reactor/Tech lab first. This transitions into normal Bio play but gives you the advantage due to early harass and map control.

However, this build performs poorly against early Hellion openings.  If you scout Reactored Hellions, cease Reaper production instantly and transition into faster Marine/Marauder production.  Also, if your opponent holds the Reapers cost-effectively with a 1rax FE or CC First (either due to you mis-microing, or them having a solid defense), then you will be behind going into the midgame economically.

Favorable Maps

This build is very strong on maps with wide cliff ranges that Reapers can jump up and down, and an open natural.

  • Catallena
  • Deadwing
  • Overgrowth


TaeJa beating Innovation in a mirror 2rax Reaper FE game in the finals of DreamHack Bucharest 2013

Apocalypse beating DeMusliM in WCS AM Season 3 with this build

2rax Reaper FE Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI


Written by Slur