TvT MKP’s 1/1/1 All-in

General Overview

This is a highly aggressive, 1 base 1/1/1 all-in which focuses on early harass to damage your opponent while simultaneously building up army for a follow-up all-in.  While this build has the potential to fall back into a macro game, transitioning into the midgame is difficult if early damage is not inflicted on the opponent.

Build Order

  • 10 – Supply Depot
  • 12 – Barracks
  • 13 – Refinery
  • 16 – Marine (up to 2)
  • 16 – Orbital Command
  • 17 – Supply Depot
  • @100 Gas, start Factory
  • @75 Mins, start 2nd Refinery
  • @50 Gas, start Reactor on Barracks
  • @100 Gas, start Starport
  • @100% Reactor, swap off Factory onto Barracks’ Reactor for double Hellion production
  • @100% Starport, start Medivac and Tech lab on Barracks
  • @100% Medivac, drop your opponent’s main with all 4 Hellions, and swap Factory’s and Barracks’ add-ons
  • Benchmark: When your Medivac finishes (@6:15ish), you should have 25 SCVs, 2 Marines, 4 Hellions, and 1 Medivac
  • @100% swap, Start constant Marine and Siege Tank production, and start a Tech lab on Starport (stop making SCVs at this point)
  • @100% Tech lab on Starport, start Raven
  • Benchmark: When your 2nd Tank finishes (@8:00ish), push out with 2 SCVs, 2 Siege Tanks, 1 Raven, 1 Medivac, and around 12 Marines


This build gives you several opportunities for scouting. Your first bit of information comes from getting your scouting SCV into his base between 12 and 16 food. If you manage to get your SCV into your opponent’s base, check for how many Refineries your opponent has.  If your opponent does not have gas, they will most likely be doing a 1rax FE build.  This presents one of the better scenarios for your early game Hellion drop to work–especially if your opponent does not anticipate the Hellion drop.  If your opponent has one Refinery, it likely means that your opponent will be going for Reapers, have a Marine/Hellion defense, or have a Marine/Widow Mine defense.  With your Hellions drop, do not over commit, simply keep your opponent busy.  If your opponent attempts to Hellion expand, he will pull ahead economically assuming his defense prevents your hellions from inflicting any damage.  You will most likely not see a second gas geyser with your SCV scout.

Once you have your first Hellions out, you should have full map control by clearing any Xel’Naga Towers and poking the front.  Running in to spot your opponent’s natural is also a smart move, but be sure to pull back if there are any units defending.  Your Hellions are there to increase the effectiveness of your later all-in, not to end the game early on.

Lastly, when you Hellion drop in his main, you should finally be able to see everything your opponent has gone for.  If your opponent has gone for Cloaked Banshees, it will not instantly be a threat because he will need to keep the Banshee in his base to defend his workers.  Later, once you have a Raven, Banshees will no longer be an issue.  If your opponent has gone for Hellions of his own, be careful when out on the map, and always favor retreating if your Hellions are in danger.  If your opponent has gone for Widow Mines, be sure to avoid obvious spots where he could have placed them.

Ideal Game

Your Hellion drop should inflict some kind of damage to your opponent and keep him occupied with defensive measures.  However, even while doing damage with them, it is important to keep them alive.  With ideal Hellion harass, your later all-in will overwhelm your opponent or trade in your favor.

If your opponent is prepared for the all-in engagement, he will most likely have either a Bunker, Siege Tanks, or both to defend.  Your Hellions from earlier can help clear SCVs repairing the Bunker.  Assuming you need to siege and push slowly because he has Tanks, consider dropping your Hellions again to divert some forces and his attention.  However, remember that every unit is precious, so do not over commit with this drop.


In the situation where you cannot straight up win the game with your all-in but still have him contained, consider expanding and transitioning into Marine/Tank play or Mech.  Simply throw down an expansion, take more gas, and ramp up your production from there.

If the all-in fails and your opponent is ahead economically, then you will have most likely lost the game.  However, expanding and defending this base with Siege Tanks can still be a last-ditch option.


  • With your first two Hellions, clear the Xel’Naga Watchtowers and take map control.
  • During your Hellion drop, be sure to constantly pump Marines from your Reactored Barracks and produce Siege Tanks.  The strength of this build is the follow-up all-in, not the initial Hellion drop.
  • Do NOT lose your Hellions when dropping them.  Use the Medivac boost to get your Hellions out of there if they are ever in danger.
  • When moving out, be sure to bring 2 SCVs to repair.
  • Slowly siege your opponent unless you are sure you can crush through the front.
  • Remember to use Seeker Missile or Auto Turrets from your Raven to push the fight in your favor.

Pros and Cons

This build is a 1-2 punch of sorts–first hitting with a Hellion drop and then following up with a Marine/Tank all-in.  It is often too much for expanding opponents to handle and quickly ends the game.  The Hellion drop can also be deadly harass if your opponent does not scout it or defend appropriately.

However, because this build was created by MarineKing himself, it is quite micro intensive, and thus is hard to pull off as a lower league player.  Also, as an all-in, there’s no clear way to transition out of it if it appears you cannot bust up the ramp.

Favorable Maps

This build is strong on relatively small maps.  However, maps with large main bases allow for sneakier Hellion drops as well.  Nevertheless, sometimes your opponent will not expect an all-in such as this on a larger four spawn map.

  • King Sejong Station
  • Overgrowth
  • Catallena
  • Merry Go Round


MKP using this build vs Jjakji at MLG Dallas 2013

MKP’s 1/1/1 All-in Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI


Written by Modest