TvT Taeja’s Autoturret Doom Drop

General Overview

Though it has fallen out of popularity, this once dominant build still remains as powerful as ever. Utilizing a gas first opening to stay safe against an opponent’s gas first aggression, this build gets a fast two Medivacs to violently drop 8 Marines, 2 Siege Tanks, and 3 Auto Turrets in a critical position of the enemy’s base.

Last Updated January 16th, 2015

Build Order

  • 10 – Supply Depot
  • 12 – Refinery (Rally your 11th SCV to a Gas Geyser)
  • 13 – Barracks
  • 16 – Orbital Command, Factory and continuous Marine production
  • 17 – 2nd Supply Depot at main ramp
  • @ 100% Orbital Command, start 2nd Refinery
  • @ 100% Factory, begin Starport
  • 22 – Start a Tech Lab on the Factory.
  • 23 – 3rd Supply depot completing wall-off at main ramp
  • @ 100% Tech Lab, lift Factory off and make a single Hellion
  • @ 100% Hellion, start a Reactor
    • Use your Hellion to ascertain your opponent’s position and see if they’ve expanded or not. Taeja loses his in the demonstration replay and it has no consequence on his build.
  • @ 100% Starport, lift it off and land it on the Tech Lab. Start a Raven and your fourth supply depot, preferably in a blind spot within your base to detect potential elevator attacks.
    • The Raven and the Reactor should finish at around the same time
  •  Just before the Raven finishes (just before 6 minutes), start your 2nd Command Center. Taeja chooses to put it on the high ground on Merry Go Round
  • @ 100% Raven, swap all buildings. Lift all three of your production structures and
    • Land the Barracks on the Reactor
    • Land the Factory on the Tech Lab and
    • Land the Starport naked
  • Begin immediate Medivac, Siege Tank, and double Marine Production. Priority goes to Tanks and Medivacs; Taeja delays Marines at times to ensure that production of the Tech units is top priority.
  • 39 – 5th Depot.
  • @ 100% 5th Depot, start 6th Depot, then stop making Depots for a while because your 2nd CC is about to finish.
  • @ 100% 2nd Medivac, Load up 2 Siege Tanks and 8 Marines (split it up, having one tank and 4 marines in each Medivac for a balanced unload) and doom drop your opponent, using your Autoturrets to prevent the SCV bum rush from overrunning your drop.
    • If you want your timing to be slightly more crisp, send your Raven out before your second Medivac finishes. How early the Raven should be sent out depends on the map
  • Before this drop, start an engineering bay in the event of a banshee counterattack, and transition as necessary. Maintain continuous unit production for the time being with priority on Siege Tanks and Marines over Starport units, as it will be critical to keep you alive if your opponent is going for a similarly timed aggression.


Taeja chooses only to scout with his Hellion, preserving all his SCVs for maximum income. At times, he cannot afford continuous Marine or SCV production in the demonstration replay; had he SCV scouted he would be even more pushed for minerals.

SCV scouting is definitely an option if you do not feel safe enough with the delayed hellion scout, but it should be relegated to a 4:30 scout at the very earliest so as to not delay your Starport in any way.


This build can transition into both Bio or Mech. Because you have made no major investments down either tech path, and you have exactly one of each necessary production structure, you can literally go into whatever style you want.


Against a live resisting opponent, execution of this build may run into some problems. They could be opening banshees; forcing Turrets to be made just before you move out. They could be doing the exact same build, resulting in a base trade. They could be doing earlier aggression that pins you in your base for longer than you’d like, such as an elevator attack or a doom drop.

There are reactions to each of these plays, and there are far too many to list here. Regardless of what happens though, sometimes it is important to identify that you are more ahead simply by staying home and defending, and not to blindly commit to the attack every single game. This will come by experience and repeatedly executing the build.

Three main consistencies must be maintained;

1) You MUST continue unit production behind this attack; you cannot start a big transition (adding on Barracks/Factories while freezing production by constructing addons) else you will be extremely vulnerable to a counter attack. The only exception is when you know with certainty that your opponent will not be performing some sort of counterattack (for example, he has gone 3 Barracks into delayed Factory, or he has gone for a elevator and you’ve already killed the medivacs beforehand).

2) Once your autoturrets are dropped, it’s almost always a good idea to fly the Raven home; it will prove useful in the mid game.

3) If they made Banshees, you have to make turrets before moving out, else risk losing the game. Delay this to the last possible moment, as you are already pressed for cash.

Pros and Cons

The lethality of this build cannot be understated; you can simply win most games with this drop, especially against players who have gone for more macro oriented builds, such as a Reaper FE or a 15 gas style.

Unfortunately, if your opponent identifies your build quickly enough and prepositions his units properly, or employs defensive AOE such as Tanks or Widow Mines, your drop may end up doing little to no damage, and you can easily die to a counter push or drop.

Favorable Maps

Bases that have good positions to position your drop. Maps with tight spaces behind the mineral line, or a small enclosed position that threatens multiple mineral lines, or even simply maps that feature in base expansions all present excellent opportunities for this build to be successful.


Replay of the above VoD


Written by Shalashaka

Last Updated: January 16th 2015