TvZ CC First

General Overview

This CC First build gets a ridiculously fast 2nd Command Center, taking your economy immediately into the midgame.  It can then transition into a range of strategies – such as a Reactor Hellion 3CC build, a 2 base Hellbat drop, Blue Flame attack, or a Marine/Hellion/Medivac timing.

Build Order

  • 10 – Supply Depot
  • 14 – Command Center
  • 15 – Barracks
  • 16 – Refinery
  • 18 – Pause SCV production
  • 18 – @100% Barracks, start Orbital Command and Marines (up to 2)
    • Resume SCV production when Orbital Commands finish
  • 19 – @100% 2nd Command Center, start 2nd Orbital Command
  • 20 – @100% 1st Marine, start Bunker
  • 22 – @150 Gas, start Factory and Reactor on Barracks
  • Benchmark: When you start your Reactor, you should have 19 SCVs and 2 Marines.


Build the Command Center on the high ground and then wall-off with your initial Barracks.  This way, you will not have to worry about early Zerglings because you will have a full wall.  Thus, SCV scouting is no longer necessary.

Most of your actual scouting will come from the first 2 units you make out of your Reactored Factory (usually Hellions).


This build has a huge range of follow-ups.  The most common is Innovation’s Reactor Hellion 3CC.  However, there are many possible 2 base timing attacks that you can do that work well too.  For instance, making Widow mines, and then getting 2 more Barracks sets you up for a nice Marine/Widow Mine timing attack.  Alternatively, you can get a 2nd Refinery, and an Armory just as your Factory finishes, and go for a CC First Variant of Lucifron’s 2 Base Hellbat Drops.  Transitioning into a lot of Blue Flame Hellions is also possible after this opener.  Finally, you can go into a 2 Base Marine/Hellion/Medivac Attack as Maru sometimes does.

Pros and Cons

This build opens quite economically.  And if you build your CC as part of your initial wall-off, it is also safe against early pools, so you do not need to SCV scout.

However, this build applies no early game pressure against your Zerg opponent unlike a Reaper FE does, so your opponent will freely be able to drone up and take a third Hatchery in order to compete with your economy.

Favorable Maps

This build is strong for any map, for all maps can be walled with a Supply Depot, Command Center, and Barracks.

  • King Sejong Station
  • Overgrowth
  • Catallena
  • Merry Go Round
  • Deadwing
  • Foxtrot Labs
  • Nimbus


Innovation beating Life with this build in the WCS KR Season 1 Group of Death

CC First Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI