ZvZ 2 Base Muta


With the Spore Crawler patch of May 13, 2013 (Spore Crawler attack damage increased from 15 (+15 Biological) to 15 (+30 Biological) ), Mutalisks are seeing a lot less play in ZvZ than they used to.  Note that this build is a lot weaker than it used to be because Spores deal a lot better damage to Mutalisks.  Use at your own risk.

General Overview

This build opens with standard play by getting 2 bases very quickly, a Baneling Nest for safety or early aggression, and then fast 2 base Mutas.

Build Order

  • 9 – Overlord
  • 15 – Hatchery
  • 16 – Spawning Pool
  • 17 – Extractor
  • 16 – Overlord
  • 20 – @100% Spawning Pool, start 2 Queens and 4 Zerglings
  • 24 – Overlord
  • 25 – @100 Gas, start Metabolic Boost and pull 1 Drone out of Gas
  • @50 Gas, start Baneling Nest
  • ————-Above is Standard Ling/Bane Opener
  • @100% Baneling Nest, start Spine Crawler
  • @100% Spine Crawler, start 2 more Extractors and put a Drone back into the first one
  • @100 Gas, start Lair and 4th Extractor
  • @100% Lair, start Spire
  • @100% Spire, start 3rd Hatchery, +1 Carapace (Muta vs Muta) or +1 Attack (Muta vs non-Muta), and around 8 Mutalisks


For early game scouting, please refer to the Scouting section of IMBAbuilds’ Standard Ling/Bane Opener guide.

Continue using your Overlords for map vision as well as sending any Speedlings you have to poke the front and see if your opponent reveals any tech.  Against early Roach timings, you can base trade them with your Ling/Bane.  Until your Spire is finished, use your units to back stab an opponent trying to move out, while simply defending at home with spines.  If you see no gas units from your opponent, assume your opponent is also going Mutalisks and be careful in the opening stages of your Muta harass.

Once your Mutalisks have popped, and you have safely secured your third base, go in for some harass – taking note of any tech structures you see – and react accordingly.  Also, if you see your opponent going for Mutalisks as well, then get +1 Carapace instead of +1 Attack.

Pros and Cons

This build opens up with Speedlings and then later Mutalisks for complete map control.  Using these fast units, you can secure your third base and gain an economical advantage over an opponent attempting to amass a slower/beefier army.  Also, well controlled Mutalisks can kill a lot of workers if your opponent does not have an appropriate defense.

However, this build requires a lot of micro to pull off – any midgame pushes are “defended” by base trading with your more mobile army.  Also, getting a Spire is sometimes a dead tech choice if you later transition into Infestation Pit/Hive.

Favorable Maps

This build works quite well on most maps, although it works best on larger maps that favor a more mobile army.

  • Whirlwind
  • Yeonsu
  • Derelict Watcher
  • Bel’Shir Vestige


2 Base Muta Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI