ZvZ 7 Roach Rush

General Overview

This classic 7 Roach Rush all-in is a great build for newer players to learn one base macro with.  It hits a very quick timing that can crush through inexperienced or unsuspecting opponents.

Build Order

  • 9 – Overlord
  • 15 – Spawning Pool
  • 16 – Extractor
  • 15 – Overlord
  • 15 – @100% Spawning Pool, start 1 Queen, 2 Lings, Roach Warren, and 2 more Overlords
    • Cut Drone production
  • @100% Roach Warren, start 7 Roaches
  • Attack your opponent when your first Roaches finish (@5:00ish) with around 7 Roaches, 2 Zerglings, and 15 Drones at home.
    • Constantly reinforce with Roaches and Zerglings (prioritize Roaches)


This build can be performed against any opener Zerg has.  The only scouting you need to do is send your initial 2 Overlords to your opponent’s base in order to spot both where your opponent is spawned and whether or not they have a natural expansion.  Do not waste time fighting your opponent’s natural expansion unless they are attempting to hold it; attack their building army and Spine Crawlers in the main base as soon as possible instead.


This 7 Roach Rush build is a strong 1 base attack that opens with a lot of units and few Drones, so your follow-up will be very slow.  That being said, you should start to float some minerals as you are reaching your opponent’s base, so start a natural Hatchery, build a lot more Drones, start Lair, and get Roach Speed and/or Hydralisks if needed for anti-air.  Roach/Hydra is a strong unit composition that can deal with most threats Zerg presents in the midgame.

Pros and Cons

This build is a strong 1 base attack that can crush your opponent early before they have their midgame even established.

However, this build can be held off if your opponent scouts it and prepares with mass Speedlings and a Spine Crawler or two.  It also is less economical than other macro builds such as the Safe Ling/Bane Opener.

Favorable Maps

This build is best on smaller maps so that your attack can hit your opponent as soon as possible.

  • Akilon Wastes
  • Derelict Watcher
  • Bel’Shir Vestige
  • Yeonsu


7 Roach Rush Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI