Legacy of the Void Update

Hello everyone.

I have been receiving a lot of notifications from different readers asking about IMBAbuilds LotV build orders, and the future of IMBAbuilds in general. Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who has continued to use IMBAbuilds through the end of HotS.

As of right now, this site is run by one person (NoseKnowsAll). I am currently applying to 12 graduate applied mathematics PhD programs and as such have not have much time for literally anything else. HOWEVER – most of my applications are due in December/January, and I believe I will have plenty of time to revamp the site for Legacy of the Void then.

Sorry for not being able to update the build orders as soon as Legacy of the Void came out, but I hope you’ll tune in at the start of 2016 and check out the new, high quality builds you have come to expect from this site!

PS: If you haven’t gotten Legacy of the Void yet, you really should. It is a much faster-paced multiplayer, has several new modes to play with friends (such as co-op and archon), and has a phenomenal campaign that I just had the pleasure of finishing. Finally, I leave you with a great video I just saw: IMBAbuilds made it onto an Honest Game Trailer video!

See you on the ladder!

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