LotV Terran vs Zerg

Professional Build Orders

TvZ Basic Openers (Transition into anything!):

TvZ Macro Builds:

TvZ Aggressive Builds:

TvZ All-in Builds:

Bronze-Silver Friendly Build Orders


Terran vs Zerg

With the introduction of the Ravager and a stronger Nydus Worm in Legacy of the Void, Zerg has more options for early and mid-game timing attacks. However, with less Drones at home, Terran counter-attacks, drop play, runbys, and Liberator shenanigans hit with more force! Embrace your desire to micro at 500 apm and harass your opponent to death!

These Terran build orders above have all been taken from your favorite professional gamers competing on the world stage.  Be sure to check out the best build orders out there, all written exclusively for IMBAbuilds!  If you practice these builds and improve your mechanics, you’re sure to get the ladder wins you deserve!