LotV Zerg vs Protoss

Professional Build Orders

ZvP Basic Openers (Transition into anything!):

ZvP Macro Builds:

ZvP Aggressive Builds:

ZvP All-in Builds:

Bronze-Silver Friendly Build Orders


Zerg vs Protoss

Take the fight to your opponent with early Ravager timings, Zergling runbys, and even strong Nydus Worms! In Legacy of the Void, Zerg no longer needs to fear an aggressive Protoss opponent. Just be aggressive yourself! Late game tech switches and strong Lurker positioning will allow you to crush through unsuspecting opponents!

These Zerg build orders above have all been taken from your favorite professional gamers competing on the world stage.  Be sure to check out the best build orders out there, all written exclusively for IMBAbuilds!  If you practice these builds and improve your mechanics, you’re sure to get the ladder wins you deserve!