Tip of the Day 10/24/2013 – Dropping

Every race has an air unit that can pick up and unload ground units, whether it be Medivacs, Warp Prisms, or Overlords.  But how do the pros load up and drop so quickly?

Simple!  Just follow these easy steps and you’ll never have problems dropping again!

Note: For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just consider how Terran does it.  But the steps are exactly the same for every race – same actions, different units.

Loading up:

  • Have your army selected in a big ball (including the Medivacs)
  • Right click each Medivac in turn that you want to load up into
  • Hit S (Default Stop hotkey) to have the rest of your army Stop following the Medivacs
  • Individually select the Medivacs you loaded up and move them wherever you want


  • Have all the Medivacs selected (and already loaded up with troops)
  • Hit D (Default Drop hotkey) on the location you want to Drop your units off

Dropping on the go:

  • Have all the Medivacs selected (and already loaded up with troops)
  • Right click somewhere so that your Medivacs are moving
  • Hit D (Default drop hotkey) and individually left click on each Medivac
  • Your units will unload one at a time just below your Medivacs as the Medivacs continue to move!

Hope this helps.  There’s some advanced drop micro to cover too, but we’ll save that for a later Tip of the Day!

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