Tip of the Day 10/27/2013 – Roasting Drones

Are your Hellions not effectively roasting Drones whenever you run in and go for a mineral line?  Do your Hellions seem vastly inferior to those of the pros?  Well here’s a tip for you!

If you simply attack click a drone with all of your Hellions, every single one of the Hellions will overkill that Drone (assuming all of your Hellions are within range of the drone). However, if you target fire a Drone, and shift+target fire on another Drone, your Hellions that are all within range of both will split their fire among the two Drones.

So that means if you can:

  • Right click your Hellions into position in/near the mineral line
  • Shift attack click on a Drone that will net you 3+ kills
  • Shift attack click on another Drone that you have lined up

all before the first Hellion shot goes off, you will be doing a lot more damage than you are used to. Try it and see!

Note however that if the Drones move away from your Hellions, you misclick on either of the target fires, you run into buildings/minerals, or you are too slow at clicking, this won’t work at all. So this tip isn’t for newer players just learning how satisfying it is to roast a mineral line.

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