Tip of the Day 11/2/2013 – Micro Trainers

Playing the game and making sure that you are on top of your macro and micro together is usually the best way to improve – but sometimes, you just want to sit back and just focus on one aspect of your play.  Good thing the awesome Starcraft 2 community has made some great User Created Maps that help you work on just that.

Darglein’s Micro Trainer – If you’re looking for a solid single player micro trainer that you can log into whenever you want and just work on your micro, then this is the one.  It has a bunch of different settings and game types that include splitting, multitasking, kiting, and spell-casting that increase in difficulty from easy to damn-near-impossible.  Very solid micro trainer.  Search for it on the Arcade with “Darglein” and it should pop up instantly.  starcraft://map/1/120086 on AM server.

SC2 Micro Tournament – This is an amazingly balanced and fully-featured micro tournament custom game that works very well with an even number of players.  If you can get enough people to join, then you will have a lot of unending fun playing through some crazy micro situations that are both very realistic and necessary to control.  Search for it on the Arcade with “sc2 micro” and it should pop up instantly.  starcraft://map/1/115668 on AM server.

MacroMicro with Map Rotation – If you have a friend who is willing to macro for you, then you’ll be able to play a full 1v1 game where you only focus on microing the units and your friend only focuses on macroing up army for you.  When you can play a 1v1 and only focus on one aspect of your play, improvements come very rapidly.  Search for it on the Arcade with “macromicro” and be sure to choose the HotS (or non-WoL) version.  starcraft://map/1/180749 on AM server.

There are a lot more out there that are very helpful for improving your APM and/or micro, so be sure to check out all the awesome user created maps that the Starcraft 2 community has made for you.  And if there are any awesome ones you think deserve to make this list that I missed, let me know in the comments below!

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