Tip of the Day 11/7/2013 – Worker Micro

This is a tip for the more advanced players out there.  There is a very minimal advantage to performing worker micro in the early stages of the game (or for that matter any stage in the game), and if you mess it up and have your workers derp around too much, it will actually slow down your mining time from if you had just let them follow the standard mineral rally point.

Worker micro, or worker stacking, is the act of ensuring your initial workers first mine the closest mineral patches to your main base before they start mining the further mineral patches.  Because these mineral patches are a tiny bit closer to your main base, your workers will mine and return their minerals in trips that are a tiny bit faster than if they were mining from the further patches.  It’s like having a tiny economic advantage over your opponent!

In order to do this, you simply have to select the worker that pops out of your main base and make sure that it ends up on a close mineral patch.  Choose a mineral patch where a worker is about to finish mining, so that your selected worker will match up perfectly behind the other worker in the mining rhythm.  Sometimes you will have to spam right click on the mineral patch to ensure that they get in the right rhythm – but if you are spamming them on the mineral patch for too long, it means that worker isn’t mining and you’re losing mining time!  Once you have paired up 2 workers mining on a close mineral patch correctly, they shouldn’t ever leave that mineral patch unless you send another worker to mess it up.

As soon as you have 2 workers per every close mineral patch, you’ll be mining at optimal mining efficiency.  Then feel free to let them run wild – use the default rally point and everything should be fine.

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