Tip of the Day 11/9/2013 – Watch WCS Global Finals

Today, everyone should totally be watching the WCS Global Finals.  I know I am!

If you’re looking for great back-and-forth games, then there have been an absurd amount of them.  If you’re looking for new build orders, then there have been an absurd amount of them.

If you’re looking for a Tip of the Day, then here it is: when watching your favorite player in the Semi-finals and finals, try to figure out WHY and HOW that player is moving his army in a certain way or making a certain decision.  Figuring out why that player is making decisions will help you figure out your own games a little better.  And of course, understanding the mechanics behind their actions is crucial for being able to emulate their playstyle.

Maru, Jaedong, Bomber, and sOs are left!

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