Tip of the Day 4/12/2014 – Returning workers to a mineral line

Alright, so a surprise drop or a surprise runby comes along and attacks your workers.  Your first reaction is usually “Get them out of there!” so you box your entire mineral line and run them away to a safer location while you try to get some army over to the base to defend.

The question I have for you now is: how do you best get your workers back to mining with 3 mining on each gas geyser?  Here’s the way most professional players do it.

  • Box all of your workers
  • Right click one of the gas geysers
  • Shift+left click 3 times on the mesh portraits at the bottom middle of the screen
    • This deselects 3 of the workers from your selection group (see: this Tip of the Day)
  • Right click the other gas geyser
  • Shift+left click 3 more times on the mesh portraits
  • Right click any mineral patch

All of a sudden, with just a few minimal clicks, your entire mineral line is back to work with exactly 6 mining gas and the rest mining minerals.  Perfect.

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