TvP ByuN’s Marine/Tank/Medivac All-in

General Overview

This is a very strong all-in against Protoss, relying on both the strength of early Stimpack and Siege Tanks against Gateway units as well as the power of faking out your opponent with a fake 2 Rax.  Opening with a fake 2 Rax prompts the response from Protoss to make a lot of early game units, which is the exact opposite of what Protoss wants to do against the 2/1/1 you are actually performing.  Then you hit them with several SCVs, a lot of Marines with Stimpack and Combat Shields, and some Siege Tanks to quickly end the game.

Build Order

  • 10 – Depot
  • 12 – Barracks
  • 13 – Gas
  • 16 – Orbital
  • 17 – Marine
  • 17 – 2nd Barracks and Reactor on 1st Barracks
  • 17 – Supply Depot
  • 20 – @100% Reactor, start constant reactored Marine production
  • 22 – @100% Barracks, start Tech lab
  • @100% Techlab, start 1 Marauder and Stimpack Research
  • @100% Marauder, start 2nd Refinery as well as only Marine production
  • ————Poke out when your 1st Marauder finishes (@5:00ish) with 1 Marauder and 5 Marines
  • @100 Gas, start Factory
  • @100% Factory, start Techlab
  • @100% Techlab, start constant Siege Tank production and Siege Mode research
  • @90% Stimpack, start Starport and stop producing SCVs (should be at 28)
  • @100% Starport, start Medivac
  • @100 Gas, start Combat Shields
  • Push out when your first Medivac finishes (@8:45ish) with 8 SCVs, around 25 Marines, 1 Marauder, 2 Siege Tanks, and a Medivac


SCV scouting with this build is minimal – you will scout your opponent’s build with your initial Marauder poke.  However, at least take note of your opponent’s Assimilators.

If your opponent had 2 gas and no natural when you scout with your initial Marauder poke, then assume a voidray, DT, or Blink all-in.  Against any Protoss all-ins, be sure to recognize that you do NOT have to commit to an attack (even though you’re doing an all-in yourself) in order to be ahead.  Against a 1base, 3gate void/colossus all-in, make vikings out of your Starport.  Against DTs, make a raven.  Against a blink all-in, position your tanks in a defensive position and keep pumping out Marine/Siege Tank/Medivac.  Again, against any all-in, be sure to defend for a time and feel comfortable not moving out and losing your army in the open field; but after you have either defeated your opponent’s army in a successful defense or sensed your opponent attempting to expand and macro out of the all-in, perform a later attack as soon as you can.


  • Don’t build your initial barracks at the wall.  Placing your barracks in a more out-of-the-way location makes it harder for your opponent’s scouting probe to see whether you’re getting a second barracks and adding on a reactor to your first or just going straight up to factory tech.
  • When your first marauder pops out, push out in order to push back your opponent’s scouting stalker.  Convince your opponent that you are doing the 2rax by going all the way across the map to take his watchtower.  If there is a wide ramp or no ramp at all leading to the natural, then continue poking up to the natural to fully convince your opponent that you are 2raxing as well as scout that they have started a natural at all.  Do NOT commit to this attack – pull all the way back to your main base as soon as you can.
  • When your first Medivac pops and you are ready to move out, be sure to pull 8 SCVs with this attack to provide a meat shield as well as to repair either your tanks or Medivacs.
  • Do not lose your first medivac to a stalker at a watchtower by flying it ahead of your army over air space.  Babysit that medivac until you are attacking your opponent’s actual army.
  • Siege early.  Your fake 2rax will hopefully have forced lots of gateway units – and thus stopped later tech units like Colossi or HT from popping yet.  To take advantage of your tanks vs mass gateway units, however, you must be sieged.
  • Target firing the stalker/sentry ball in the back as opposed to letting the tanks autokill the zealots (and thus your own marines as well) will also increase the efficiency of your army.
  • If you are facing eventual colossi, then your opponent’s initial ground army will be very small and you should have the opportunity to get a good siege on the natural and kill it.  However, once colossi are out, you should be sure that (1) your tanks are in front of your marines so that you don’t lose all your marines for free to colossi shots and that (2) you are making vikings out of your Starport (and if you had the opportunity to make a reactor on your Starport during the attack, then make them 2 at a time).
  • Do NOT attack a Protoss that is staying on 1 base.  Even though you are performing an all-in, if your opponent is also all-inning, you must be back at home to defend whatever they throw at you.  Once you crush their army or sense your opponent trying to expand, then you can safely attack.

Favorable Maps

Because this build is an all-in that pulls SCVs to tank damage, you must be able to attack your opponent.  Thus, this build is best on maps that are hard to force field your opponent out on and maps with smaller rush distances.  Also, because this build will basically auto-win against any Protoss one base all-ins assuming you keep your army together for when your opponent attacks, it is very favored on maps where your opponent is likely to all-in.

  • Antiga Shipyard
  • Entombed Valley
  • Akilon Flats
  • Ohana
  • Cloud Kingdom


Replay of Polt using this build vs Zera on KR server

VOD of Yoda beating Grubby at IEM Katowice with this build

Top Masters Example of ByuN’s Marine/Tank/Medivac All-in in Action

Mid-Masters Example of ByuN’s Marine/Tank/Medivac All-in in Action

Tutorial of ByuN’s Marine/Tank/Medivac All-in vs a Very Easy AI