TvT Reaper Hellion Medivac into Banshee

General Overview

This is a very strong build vs Terran, and straight up kills greedy 1rax FEs, as well as doing damage against most other Terran openers too.  Plus, with speed reapers and hellions and banshees to micro, this is generally acknowledged as one of the most entertaining builds out there.

Build Order

  • 10 – Depot
  • 12 – Barracks
  • 13 – Refinery
  • 16 – Orbital
  • 17 – Marine
  • @100% Marine, start Tech lab
  • @50% Techlab, start 2nd Refinery and Supply Depot
  • @100% Techlab, start constant Reaper production out of Tech lab Barracks
  • @100 Gas, start Factory
  • @100% Factory, start Starport, constant Hellion production, and Nitro Packs from the Barracks’ Tech lab
  • @100% Starport, make Medivac
  • Push with 4 Reapers, 3 Hellions, and 1 Medivac
  • @100% Medivac, start Tech lab on Starport
  • @100% Tech lab, start Banshee Cloak Research and a Banshee
  • Push with 2 Banshees and Cloak


Scouting with this build is minimal – you will scout your opponent’s build with your Reaper/Hellion/Medivac push.

However, just note that if you scout a Tech lab on your opponent’s first Barracks after his initial marine with your scouting SCV, be wary of your opponent’s Reapers.  Thus, stay in base until you have 2+ Reapers before moving out to take your opponent’s Xel’Naga Tower.

If your opponent is making siege tanks, abuse your mobility and never engage them directly.  Simply drop/pick off individual marines/get your banshees everywhere in order to deal with the rest of his army.  Once your opponent has no more supporting marines you can clean up remaining siege tanks using your banshees .

If your opponent is making banshees, make sure to get a viking out (NOT Banshees of your own) and rally it back to your mineral line at home so that you don’t die.  If he’s making cloak (you’ll see his Tech lab Starport researching with your Reaper/Hellion/Medivac push), then follow up that viking with a raven.  You will most likely do damage at his base with this push, so as long as you don’t lose too many SCVs to that initial banshee, you’ll be fine.


  • Avoid fighting Bunkers at all costs.  You have literally the most mobile army you possibly can in TvT, so abuse that by attacking your opponent everywhere their army is not.  Do NOT sacrifice your army into a bunker.
  • Hide your army for as long as possible.  Reveal your reapers by taking the Xel’Naga Towers (and thus map control), but make sure that your hellions are not revealed until just as you’re gearing up to push.
  • Likewise, hide your Factory and Starport (right next to each other) in a corner of your base that is least likely to be scanned.  Hopefully, after seeing your reapers at his watchtower, your opponent will assume you are 1rax reaper FE’ing, and play somewhat greedily.  Scanning and seeing your Factory or Starport will immediately let him know that you’re doing this build, however, so avoid common scanning territory with these buildings.


The standard followup to this build is Marine Tank Medivac, but following it up with Mech is also viable.  When transitioning into marine tank, be sure to get your expo up immediately after your first or 2nd banshee, so that you can finally reach a stable 2 base economy.  Then add a Reactor onto the Barracks, giving the Tech lab to the Factory for Siege Tank production and siege mode research.  Finally, build 2 more Barracks to get to the standard 2 base, 3 Barracks, 1 Factory, and 1 Starport.  Add on Engineering Bays soon afterwards so you don’t fall too far behind in the upgrade war.

Favorable Maps

Because this build starts with Reaper harass, and then transitions into an elevator build, it is only specialized for maps that have both a location to drop and a ledge to hop over.  It is also particularly strong against 1rax FE so it is best on larger maps where your opponent will feel more safe to 1rax FE.

  • Entombed Valley
  • Antiga Shipyard
  • Cloud Kingdom


Replay of Quantic.Illusion beating Col.GanZi at the Red Bull Battlegrounds using this build

Reaper Hellion Medivac into Banshee Tutorial Replay vs a Very Easy AI

Reaper Hellion Medivac into Banshee YouTube Tutorial