TvZ Command Center First

General Overview

This Command Center first build is used to get an economic advantage against Hatchery First builds but is susceptible to cheese and early pushes.  This build is better on bigger maps because it takes so much longer for early Roaches or Zerglings to get across the map and do damage to you.

Build Order

  • 10 – Supply Depot
  • 15 – Command Center
  • 16 – Barracks
  • 17 – Refinery
  • 18 – Supply Depot
  • 19 – Orbital Command both Command Centers
  • 21 – @100 Gas, start Factory
  • 22 – @50 Gas, start Reactor on Barracks


You cannot afford to scout very early with an SCV in order to afford everything in the early game, so do this build on large, 4 person maps where your opponent cannot scout your 15CC before planting down a 15 hatch of their own.  Be sure to be walling off with your 2nd depot in order to avoid dying to early pools.  Scouting with this build is very minimal until you get hellions out; your build as is can defend against everything except early roaches in which case one bunker and SCVs on repair will easily keep you alive.


After you put the factory down, the most common follow up is to swap off the Reactor onto the Factory when Finished for Hellion production.  4-8 hellions will give you map control and should be able to deny a little bit of creep.  Afterwards, you can add on a 3rd CC and power very hard, go for a strong  two base Bio+Hellion attack, or start Siege Tank production and go for Mech.


Command Center First Tutorial vs a Very Easy AI