TvZ Proxy 11/11 Rax

General Overview

The goal of this build is to kill your opponent’s natural, and outright win the game right then and there.

Build Order

  • 9 – Supply Depot (cut SCVs as you get to 11 supply)
  • 11 – Barracks (proxied)
  • 11 – 2nd Barracks (proxied right next to first Barracks), and resume SCV production
  • 14 – Orbital Command


Pull 2 more SCVs as soon as your first marine is completed, so that you will have an attack with 4 SCVs, 3 marines, and 2 more marines rallied.  If you can, start 2/3 bunkers so that you are both within range of the natural hatchery and positioned so that you can place marines wedged behind the bunker/SCV wall.  Prioritize killing spine crawlers first (because spines outrange marines in a bunker), but be sure to keep your marines alive and finish those bunkers over all else.

If you don’t kill your opponent’s natural or killed 10+ drones, and you lose your entire marine force, then you have most likely lost the game.  If you have killed drones and/or the hatch, be sure to retreat with the majority of your forces, only keeping as few marines at your opponent’s natural as necessary to scare him and keep his forces back in his main.  After retreating and salvaging as much as you can, be sure to hide behind a wall at your own natural in order to secure your own 2nd base and transition into more marines or hellions.  For a more greedy style, take your 3rd Command Center in-base while you’re waiting for your infrastructure to finish.


If you do not win the game outright with your 11/11 rax, then back at home wall-off your natural expansion and go for 3 Command Centers to out macro your opponent.  Either a Blue Flame Hellion or Mass Marine follow-up can also sometimes work on smaller maps.

Favorable Maps

This build is only effective on maps with 2 spawn locations, so you don’t have to scout in order to know where your opponent has spawned.  It is also better on maps with a smaller rush distance so that you can get your SCVs that build the proxied Barracks there faster without losing much mining time.  Lastly, maps with good bunker positions (or 3 bunker wall-offs) that can protect your marines for as long as possible are also good for this build.

  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Ohana
  • Entombed Valley
  • Akilon Flats


TvZ Tutorial – 11/11 rax vs a Very Easy AI